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Christopher Banks-Pillar

BSc (Hons), MSc

Research assistant

  • Researcher in the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine


My research focusses on optimising the uptake of activity-based interventions in the context of social prescribing. 

My first DPhil work package will investigate evidence on physical activity-based social prescribing within UK primary care by mapping the nature of interventions, evaluations, uptake, delivery, and participant experiences. My work will explore the existing literature addressing topics and questions related to physical activity-based social prescriptions in UK primary care settings. Finally, I will identify gaps in the literature to help focus further research

At a patient/service user level, this work will help reduce the biopsychosocial impacts associated with chronic physical and mental health conditions. At a process level, it will not only aid in fostering evidence-informed dialogues between social prescribers and participants but also provide a solid foundation for practice and policy helping to identify key areas for further research.

I am also involved with a research project interested in the relationship between pain and social prescribing. 

I enjoy teaching and have some experience of supporting medical students on their Special Study Module (SSM).  

I am supervised by Kamal Mahtani, David Nunan and Stephanie Tierney.