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News from our Social Prescribing Research Network.

New report on social prescribing in green spaces

Researchers from Oxford Social Prescribing Research Network have conducted a qualitative study on setting up green social prescribing at Harcourt Arboretum in Oxfordshire.

Harnessing scientific evidence to power the future of social prescribing

Public Engagement & Involvement

Leading researchers in the field of social prescribing are being brought together to ensure that evidence of the impact of social prescribing is accessible, useful and compelling, the National Academy for Social Prescribing has announced.

Cultural environments can improve health and wellbeing through “social prescribing”, according to Oxford University report

Health Services Research

Oxford University’s world-class gardens, libraries and museums could benefit the health and wellbeing of Oxfordshire residents through “social prescribing”, according to a report published today by an interdisciplinary team at Oxford University.

Public engagement and involvement proposals given green light

Awards & Appointments Public Engagement & Involvement

The projects will reach out to rural communities and black and ethnic minority groups - audiences who are seldom engaged in primary care research.