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What's new

Harnessing scientific evidence to power the future of social prescribing

Leading researchers in the field of social prescribing are being brought together to ensure that evidence of the impact of social prescribing is accessible, useful and compelling, the National Academy for Social Prescribing has announced.

Blog posts

Holding, diversity and the link worker role: Reflections on a patient-public involvement meeting

In May 2023, co-lead on the link worker study, Stephanie Tierney, visited a patient-public involvement (PPI) group in Sheffield. In this blog, she draws out some of the key topics raised.

Metrics and measures: What are the best ways to characterise our study sites?

The authors of this blog reflect on ways to characterise research sites used as case studies for an investigation on the role of social prescribing link workers in primary care.

Understanding social prescribing in socially and economically disadvantaged settings: Emerging findings and future research priorities

This blog summarises discussions from an online workshop with social prescribing stakeholders where we shared emerging findings from our research on social prescribing in socially and economically disadvantaged settings. We discuss priorities for future research as well as considerations for the implementation of social prescribing.

Developing social capital through community-based interventions to address loneliness: A scoping review protocol

This blog introduces a scoping review that will focus on papers reporting on social capital and loneliness and community-based interventions.

What does it mean for link workers to fit or belong in primary care? Reflections on a conference presentation

At the end of March 2023, Stephanie Tierney presented some early learning from the study she co-leads with Kamal Mahtani on implementing link workers into primary care. This presentation was given at the British Journal of General Practice Research Conference. She was joined by Debra Westlake who has played a key role in collecting and analysing data. Here, Stephanie reflects on what was discussed.

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