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Picturing Parkinson's artwork © GLAM

Picturing Parkinson's brings together artists, patients and neuroscientists to bridge the gap between objective research into Parkinson’s Disease and people’s lived experience of the condition.

Picturing Parkinson's challenges the researchers to bring creative approaches to their scientific work and build capacity for public engagement with patient and public audiences. The aim is for the outputs of the project to be used to present a holistic view of Parkinson’s as it is experienced, studied, and treated.

Picturing Parkinson's draws on research undertaken as part of the Oxford Quantification Study (OxQUIP) led by Professor Chrystalina Antoniades, which is all about developing new ways to measure Parkinson's symptoms. It is part of a continuing collaboration with Dr Jim Harris, Teaching Curator at the Ashmolean Museum.

For more information go to the project page on Oxford's Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences website.

The first video below features the Picturing Parkinson's project at the Ashmolean, including interviews with patients, while the second video is a longer panel discussion with artist, neuroscientist and patients: